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The project Consortium consists of two EU Member State Civil Protection Agencies, the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), in lead, and the Estonian Rescue Board (ERB). It is based on practical and operational knowledge in the interface between these agencies and the ERCC under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, which is largely similar to the AHA Centre interaction with the AMS and NDMOs.

At MSB, the project is placed within the Response and Operations Department and, more specifically, at the Resilience Building Section. Core responsibility lies with a project manager and a deputy project manager. The project manager has support on vertical and horizontal levels; with team management and from core functions such as human resources, financial controlling, security advisors, medical and psychosocial support, legal and procurement advisors, logistics and the duty officer function. At ERB, a Project manager is devoted to the project who will also be involved as expert during implementation.