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Training of Trainers

On August 20, employees from all divisions of the AHA Centre participated in a Training of Trainers (ToT) within the framework of the LACER project. The training was facilitated by AHA Centre’s HR Officer Metta Anggraini and LACER Learning and Development Expert Olivia Setkic. The ToT is interlinked with the implementation of an induction training for new staff, which is an important process to ensure consistent working methods and common organisational values. The participants of the ToT workshop will be responsible for rolling out future induction trainings at the AHA Centre.

The AHA Centre has adopted a pedagogical profile that will guide the design and delivery of the induction sessions. It includes rote learning giving way for more active learning. From a learning point of view, active learning tends to lead to better retention, which is why the LACER team promotes this method. “There is a time and place for both, but for the best results for an induction training, everyone is invited to use as many active elements as possible. As participants engage and perform tasks during a session, the experts can easily observe whether learning objectives were reached and that is quite a thrilling feeling!” says Olivia Setkic, LACER Learning and Development expert and the initiator of the training.

All LACER activities are guided by an overall strategic approach resting on strong partnership and ownership with the focus on learning, development and change. Therefore, the AHA Centre’s staff are involved in all planning and implementation of project activities to ensure their interest in the development process. As an example, the LACER expert and the AHA Centre formulated the learning objectives together, prior to the workshop. "This is the very central step we have to start from," Somsanith Ninthavong, Director of Corporate Affairs at the AHA Centre stated after the Training of trainers workshop.

Learning Objectives for the ToT

Learning objectives formulated prior to the workshop