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Season's greetings

LACER would like to use the occasion of the holiday season to embrace the decline of the global COVID-19 pandemic, a much awaited development which has allowed the project to soar to new heights over the past year. The return of international travel and in-person events have restored the personal touch to partnership, as we are now able to engage more closely with our partners in South East Asia and foster the kind of sustainable relationships between disaster management experts that we hope will outlive the project.

We would also like to highlight some of the successful LACER collaboration between ASEAN and the European Union over the past year:

  • A well-attended webinar sharing the risk assessment guidelines of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism

  • LACER engagement in the training programme of ASEAN-ERAT, including observing courses and completing a review of the curriculum

  • A comprehensive gender analysis of AHA Centre policy documents and other key guidelines

  • LACER co-facilitation of the AIM-Net (ASEAN Information Management Network) workshop and work plan

  • Mutual learning through multiple brown bag informal meetings of experts and sharing of technical advice on disaster risk management

  • Completion of the activity Strategic Capacity Development, which sheds light on priority resources and partnerships of the AHA Centre.

The coming year is expected to be equally rich in activities and collaboration bewteen ASEAN and the EU. On behalf of the LACER Consortium, we want to thank you sincerely for your efforts to support our project activities and invest trust in us which underpins strong results and continuing success.

We wish you a prosperous and joyous New Year, and we look forward to working closely together in 2023!

Signature of Carl-Johan Breitholtz

Carl Johan Breitholtz, Project Manager, LACER