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Brown bag discussions on Haiti response

On 21 October, the LACER team conducted a Brown bag discussion on the European Civil Protection Mechanism response to the Haiti earthquake of 14 August.

The discussion was led by Peter Månsson, Organisation Development Expert for the LACER project, who took part in the mission to Haiti. The briefing and the discussions afterwords brought to light many salient points about disaster preparedness and response, particularly the importance of Host Nation Support and broad coordination among all actors engaged on the ground. From the AHA Centre, 20 staff participated in the discussions.

The LACER team will follow up on this with further activities and the next brown bag discussion will be announced shortly. 

Haiti response

 A Norwegian field hospital provides care to about 100 patients/day when replacing the services of the damaged hospital in L'Asile. Photo: Eleonor Lundgren

Haiti response

A French water purification team capable of producing 225.000 liters drinking water/day to the local population in Cavaillon and surroundings.

Photo: Eleonor Lundgren