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AHA Centre Information Management Network

LACER Team Leader Dr. Charles Silva joined AHA Centre’s LA Dimailig in facilitating the 3-day AIM-Net workshop in Jakarta, which brought together more than 20 delegates and focal points from the 10 ASEAN member states and their emergency operations centres (EOCs).

The EOCs lead national responses to disasters and other emergency situations in the member states, while the regional AHA Centre coordinates between the national EOCs and also serves as the Secretariat of AIM-Net, tasked with ensuring progress in improving regional information sharing, access to valuable data sets on disasters and risk, as well as disseminating data between member state EOCs.

The dialogue at the 3-day event in Jakarta led to the creation of a work plan for AIM-Net which will inform the group´s efforts over the next three years. Activities have been outlined to enhance the EOCs through two workstreams: Disaster Information Management and Information Systems Interoperability. This collaboration will allow ASEAN to better harness the individual capacities of member states and put these capacities to use across the region, allowing member states to both understand and benefit from the massive data production that occurs nationally.

The event was funded by EU SAHA and the LACER project, multi-year European programmes which support capacity development in disaster risk management across ASEAN.