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October 13 marks the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction and the MSB celebrates this by acknowledging our work with capacity development, strengthening countries and international actors' ability to prevent and manage crises and disasters. The MSB mandate is within the framework of the Swedish development aid policy and the European development agenda. International DRR day

Brown bag webinar

2021-11-19 kl. 08:53
We are pleased to report the completion of the third brown bag session with the AHA Centre on Friday, November 12. Mohammad Fadli, AHA Liaison Officer embedded with the Pacific Disaster Centre, presented the Disaster Monitoring and Response System (DMRS) managed by the AHA Centre. The activity was carried out in the spirit of mutual learning and exchange between EU and ASEAN

Haiti response

2021-10-27 kl. 11:29
On 21 October, the LACER team conducted a Brown bag discussion on the European Civil Protection Mechanism response to the Haiti earthquake of 14 August.

International day for Disaster Risk Reduction

2021-10-12 kl. 14:00
13 October marks the International day for Disaster Risk Reduction, to acknowledge how people and communities around the world are reducing their exposure to disasters and to raise awareness about the importance of building resilience towards the risks that they face. This year’s goal is to highlight best practices and examples of international cooperation that have a positive impact on the lives of people who live in disaster-prone parts of the world. To highlight the work we do within the LACER project, we would like to introduce you to one of our partners at the AHA Centre. #DRRDay #OnlyTogether @undrr

Workshop on risk analysis and assessment

2021-09-16 kl. 15:25
On 8-9 September, the LACER team and the AHA Centre conducted a workshop on risk analysis and assessment combined with a virtual visit to the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service that supports EU policies with independent scientific evidence. The two-day activity assembled experts from JRC, DG ECHO, MSB, ERB and ASEAN, with a focus on mutual exchange of experiences, tools and methods.

Welcome Charles Silva

2021-09-10 kl. 15:20
Hi Charles! Welcome to the LACER Team, we are happy to have you on board and look forward to our continued work together with the AHA Centre. Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions.

New Team Leader

2021-09-10 kl. 08:35
On 10th September Kajsa Sjösvärd leaves her position as the Team Leader for LACER. Kajsa started as Capacity Development Expert in June 2020 and entered her role as Team Leader in October 2020. Her positive spirit has spread within the team and we thank her for her dedication to the project. Because of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kajsa has led the team and implemented the LACER activities from her home in Dalarna, Sweden. We wish Kajsa all the best for the future.

Training of Trainers

2021-08-24 kl. 12:30
On August 20, employees from all divisions of the AHA Centre participated in a Training of Trainers (ToT) within the framework of the LACER project. The training was facilitated by AHA Centre’s HR Officer Metta Anggraini and LACER Learning and Development Expert Olivia Setkic. The ToT is interlinked with the implementation of an induction training for new staff, which is an important process to ensure consistent working methods and common organisational values. The participants of the ToT workshop will be responsible for rolling out future induction trainings at the AHA Centre.
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