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Technical components

The LACER Project has 4 technical Components (outcomes). Here you can read more about each Component.



Component 1 – Strengthened institutional capacity, corporate policies and management of the AHA Centre

The aim of the component is to support institutional development to advance sustainability and transformation of the AHA Centre to strengthen its role as the primary ASEAN regional coordinating agency. It will support the AHA Centre’s own capacity for policy and management developmentmethodologies and procedures for strategic planning and programming and training and development of AHA Centre staff.  

Work streams include policy and management development, strategic planning & programming and learning & development. Human resources, cross-cutting issues and internal communication are prioritised areas.


Component 2 – Enhanced operational capacity of the AHA Centre in monitoring, preparing and responding to disasters  

The aim of the component is to support further development of AHA Centre’s capacity in risk assessments, monitoring and disaster management information. It will include support further streamlining of common practice in the region regarding risk and disaster data sharing, further development of protocols and routines on update and maintenance of monitoring risk and disaster information platforms, facilitation and support to expert exchange between the AHA Centre and other European and Asian organisations. 

Work streams include preparedness for response: Emergency Response Organisation (ERO) protocols and routines and risk information and disaster data: monitoring and sharing. The duty officer function and understanding regional risk are prioritised areas.


Component 3 – Increased preparedness and Respond-As-One capacities of ASEAN

The aim of the component is to enhance mechanisms for ASEAN leadership to Respond-As-One by supporting technical capacity development and transformation of ERAT and enhanced civil-military coordination. This component is divided into separate workstreams.

Work streams include training and exercise capacity development and coordination. Training & exercise methodologies, ASEAN Regional Disaster Emergency Response Simulation Exercise (ARDEX) and Emergency Response and Assessment Team (ERAT) are prioritised areas.


Component 4 – Enhanced professionalism through standards and certification

The aim of the component is to contribute to increased professionalism on a system level in the ASEAN region through AHA-led development and establishment of standards for disaster response, emergency coordination and civil-military coordination for AHA itself.

Work streams include AHA Centre standardisation and certification programme and emergency response and coordination standards development. Certification baseline establishment, early warning system, function profiles within ERAT, standard and certification on modules are prioritised areas.


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