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Monitoring & evaluation

The LACER project understand monitoring as everyone’s responsibility, with the project management bearing the overall responsibility. The project has a dedicated M&E advisor to ensure a sound project M&E. The advisor supports the project in M&E related decisions and activities. Thereto, assists in assessment of information and the monitoring information´s significance for the project. The M&E advisor also supports development of methods and tools and implements any relevant effort to ensure the project team has the needed capacity to implement the project monitoring.

The LACER project implements a two-pronged approach to M&E. A Logical Framework Approach (LFA) serves as an accountability tool and elements of Outcome Mapping (OM) serves as the project´s learning system, as the main approach of the M&E system.

In addition, the project will verbalize an outcome challenge statement for the AHA Centre and develop progress markers for the monitoring (in November 2020). The progress markers will serve the purpose to provide the partners with information of how change happens, moving from outputs to outcomes (sometimes called the missing middle).

With this M&E approach, the LACER project will be able to monitor three parallel processes, 1) results with a focus on outcomes, 2) the project strategies and practices, and 3) the project as an organizational unit.

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