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Gender and diversity

Gender equality and gender integration is a priority area for the Consortium. In the project, gender is a cross-cutting perspective, together with human rights and environment, meaning that it should be integrated and taken into account in every part of the project and its activities.

To integrate gender and diversity is important, not only to include it in polices and standards, but it is crucial to work with norms and values of staff and management as well as organisational and societal norms. 

Gender and diversity are often, but not always, sensitive issues and sometimes it can be difficult to address them. However, we do know that women and girls are affected disproportionally compared to men and boys in disasters and thus, these issues should and must be addressed. To be an effective, relevant and sustainable disaster response organisations gender and diversity should be included and integrated in every aspect of the organisation as well as the responses. 

A gender and diversity inclusive organisation integrates gender and diversity in all aspects, from staffing and policies to inclusive communication and visibility as well as in activities and responses. 

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