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About the project

The implementation of the project Leveraging ASEAN Capacities for Emergency Response (LACER) has been commissioned to a Consortium established by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agencies (MSB), as leader, jointly with the Estonian Rescue Board (ERB). The project has a 43 months lifespan and started on March 1, 2020. It is a component of the overall EU programme Integrated Programme in Enhancing the Capacity of AHA Centre and ASEAN Emergency Response Mechanisms (EU Support to AHA Centre).

The overall objective is strengthened resilience in ASEAN region through improved disaster risk management. The specific objectives of LACER consists of strengthened capacity and sustainability of the AHA Centre to achieve operational excellence in disaster monitoring, preparedness and emergency response, and enhanced mechanism for ASEAN Leadership to Respond-As-One through excellence and innovation in disaster management.

The project has 4 Technical components (outcomes):

Component 1 – Strengthened institutional capacity, corporate policies and management of the AHA Centre

Component 2 – Enhanced operational capacity of the AHA Centre in monitoring, preparing and responding to disasters 

Component 3 – Increased preparedness and Respond-As-One capacities of ASEAN

Component 4 – Enhanced professionalism through standards and certification